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Here are some other resources for the Jetson Dev Kits:



Which Version of L4T is Running – Jetson TX2/JX1/TK1

Determine which version of Linux for Tegra (L4T) is running on your Jetson.

J21 GPIO Header Pinouts – Jetson TX1/TX2

The Jetson TX1 and TX2 share the same carrier board. Here’s some info on the signals on the J21 GPIO Header:

Jetson TX1

J21 GPIO Header Pinout Diagram – Jetson TX1
Notes on Pinmux, Kernel, SPI and GPIO

Jetson TX2

J21 GPIO Header Pinout Diagram – Jetson TX2

Jetson AGX Xavier Expansion Header

Jetson AGX Xavier Expansion Header Pinout Diagram


NVIDIA* officially supports several sites and communities oriented towards Tegra and Jetson development. Here are some helpful NVIDIA links:

Jetson Embedded Computing Jetson Embedded Computing Support Page. Latest downloads and reference manual for Jetson Development Kits

Developer Zone – Embedded Systems  Nvidia forum for Embedded Systems Development. Good place to ask the hard questions.

Embedded Download Center Contains all of the downloads for everything Jetson such as JetPack, Documentation, TRMs and so much more!

Jetson Embedded Tegra Community Jetson projects, success stories, fails, & discussions.