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JetPack 4.4 Over The Air (OTA) Update issues

July 9, 2020 kangalow 2

Over The Air (OTA) updates is one of the new features for the JetPack 4.4 Production Release – L4T 32.4.2. Unfortunately, there are some issues with this feature that people are encountering in the product rollout. Here’s the money quote from NVIDIA: Note: We have temporarily disabled the feature of Read more …

Deep Learning

JetPack 4.4 Production Release

July 7, 2020 kangalow 2

JetPack 4.4 – L4T R32.4.3 is now available! NVIDIA announces today that the production version of JetPack 4.4 is now available. JetPack 4.4 replaces the current JetPack 4.3 as the production version. There are many upgrades and new features. Here’s the official blurb from NVIDIA: We are pleased to announce Read more …

SDK Manager

NVIDIA SDK Manager for Jetson – JetPack 4.2

June 4, 2019 kangalow 7

The NVIDIA SDK Manager installs the operating system, libraries and SDKs on the Jetson Developer Kits. Looky here: Background When NVIDIA introduces a new Jetson model, they usually come out with a new revision of JetPack to support it. In this case it is the Jetson Nano Developer Kit. However Read more …