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See you at GTC 2016

April 2, 2016 kangalow 0

I’ll be in San Jose next week at GTC 2016. Hope to see you there! I will be bringing the Matrice Tegra Drone and the Jetson Racecar that we’ve been working on over the last few months. The hall will start filling up soon for a bunch of good lectures, Read more …

Jetduino V2

Jetson TK1 Interface Boards Update

March 17, 2016 kangalow 0

EasyTK1_IO Mauro Soligo recently announced that EasyTK1_IO is now available on in kit form. Several roboticists in the Jetson community are using the EasyTK1_IO for interfacing their Jetsons with their robots, including Walter Lucetti over at Myzharbot and Rafaello Bonghi (who has a blog over at Officine Robotiche) who Read more …

Deep Learning Robot by

Autonomous Deep Learning Robot

February 1, 2016 kangalow 8

The Autonomous Deep Learning Robot is a TurtleBot 2 compatible robot which uses a NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Development Kit for its processor. The company Autonomous recently began delivery of the product, and uses the Jetsons TK1 GPU for deep learning acceleration. Simon Birrell over at Artificial Human Companions recently wrote Read more …


State of JetsonHacks 2015

December 31, 2015 kangalow 1

First, I want to thank everyone for viewing, and wish everyone an absolutely fantastic 2016. I thought it would be fun to recap some statistics about the website, and look ahead for what’s in store. It’s the time of year to look back and reflect so that one can Read more …

Climate Simulator Article

Personal TeraFlop Climate Simulator Article

December 16, 2015 kangalow 0

I enjoyed an article from Chiefo entitled Personal TeraFlop Climate Simulator for How Much? The article covers some personal experience running super computers at Apple Computers in the 1990s, along with the associated costs for running high end computing resources back then. There is a nice discussion of different processor Read more …


Site Redesign – Pardon the Dust

November 9, 2015 kangalow 2

When JetsonHacks started about 18 months ago, I was happy to just post some articles and videos out there and have people read and look at them. First and foremost, thank you for reading the articles and watching the videos to make the site a success! To give you a Read more …


YUV CSI Cameras on Jetson TK1

September 14, 2015 kangalow 6

An article over on the antmicro blog discusses how to install YUV cameras on the NVIDIA Jetson TK1. The cameras run from the CSI lanes on the J3 header. Antmicro is working on developing Linux drivers for the following YUV sensors/chips: Omni Vision OV5640, 5Mpx sensor, 1080p@30fps Analog Devices ADV7280M, Read more …

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USB Autosuspend – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

May 27, 2015 kangalow 0

In order to conserve power, by default the Jetson TK1 suspends inactive USB ports. This is commonly referred to as “USB Autosuspend”. Unfortunately some USB devices (such as USB cameras) have issues with this setting. If you have a USB hub attached to the Jetson with such a device plugged Read more …

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Building a real-time kernel for the NVIDIA Jetson TK1

May 19, 2015 kangalow 1

Christian Jann has published a blog entry on “Christian’s Blog” titled “Building a real-time kernel for the NVIDIA Jetson TK1“. The article has step by step directions for installing the Linux Realtime Preemption patch to the kernel on the Jetson Linux for Tegra (L4T) 21.3 release. The normal kernel has Read more …