Real Time Clock (RTC) – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

August 13, 2015 kangalow 4

For some applications using the Jetson TK1, a Real Time Clock (RTC)may be needed. Here’s a demonstration of the steps needed to add one. Looky here: In this article, we’ll discuss wiring an RTC over I2C to the Jetson, build and install a kernel module for the RTC, and prepare Read more …


Bosch IMU under ROS on NVIDIA Jetson TK1

July 1, 2015 kangalow 39

Robot Operating System (ROS) makes integration of sensors such as the Bosch BNO055 9 Degree of Freedom (DOF) IMU straightforward. Looky here: Background When building a robot, designing, planning and selecting sensors and parts for the build are crucial to success of the overall project. In building our project robot, Read more …


Testing a New Breakout Board for NVIDIA Jetson TK1

June 6, 2015 kangalow 0

David Cofer over at NeuroRobotic Technologies has written an article entitled Finished testing Jetson TK1 Breakout Board V2 Prototype. There is a long list of features, go over and read about them! This will be a useful addition for the community. Update:The board has been sent out for the test Read more …


Battery Power for NVIDIA Jetson TK1

June 3, 2015 kangalow 6

The NVIDIA Jetson TK1 is the development kit for the Tegra TK1 embedded processor. Naturally, there are a lot of embedded projects with the requirement of being mobile, and running on battery power. Running the Jetson on a battery is pretty simple. Looky here: Background There are a large variety Read more …


LIDAR-Lite Installation v1 on NVIDIA Jetson TK1

May 11, 2015 kangalow 17

Note: This is for the original LIDAR-Lite. For LIDAR-Lite v2, click here: LIDAR-Lite v2. LIDAR-Lite is a laser ranging module from Pulsed Light, Inc. which is a lightweight and cost effective measurement device. LIDAR-Lite can be accessed over I2C or PWM, for the Jetson TK1 I’ve written a small library Read more …

Bosch BNO055 IMU

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – Part III

April 28, 2015 kangalow 1

There are several ways to connect the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to the Jetson TK1 Development Kit. Here’s a demonstration of a very simple way. Looky here: Background For the IMU, the The Adafruit 10-DOF IMU Breakout is being used. Here’s a couple of pictures of the breakout board from Read more …

Bosch BNO055 IMU

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – Part II

April 23, 2015 kangalow 4

This blog entry is a little backwards, in that it is labeled Part II. Actually, it’s part III. If you looked at Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – Part I, you would expect to see how to hook up the IMU to the Jetson. Instead, I’ll show you what happens after Read more …


Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) – Part I

April 22, 2015 kangalow 9

Here’s a little series on integrating an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) onto the I2C GPIO pins of the NVIDIA Jetson TK1. First, we’ll build an interface library, RTIMULib, to enable the IMU to talk to the Jetson. Looky here: Background As a child of the space age, I was always Read more …

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Format SD Card Ext4 – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

February 7, 2015 kangalow 10

The Jetson TK1 has a SD Card reader. Most Secure Digital (SD) cards come from the factory formatted as ExFat which is the most common format for Windows machines and cameras. For the card to be useful in several situations on the Jetson (like using the card as a boot Read more …