I2C - Jetson TX2

I2C – NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Development Kit

July 25, 2018 kangalow 27

It is straightforward to connect an I2C device to a Jetson TX2. Looky here: Background I2C is a straightforward serial protocol. There are usually two wires, one is for transferring data (SDA), the other is a clock which is used to mark the begin and end of data packed (SCL). Read more …


GPIO and SPI – NVIDIA Jetson TX1

April 4, 2017 kangalow 5

In a post on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 forum, Wilkins White (Atrer) from Nova Dynamics (ww@novadynamics.com) wrote up a quite wonderful explanation of how to enable SPI on the Jetson TX1. The SPI interface is used in the discussion to interface with a MCP2515 CAN Bus Module (CAN Bus is Read more …

Attached serial console cable to a Jetson TX1 Development Kit

Serial Console – NVIDIA Jetson TX2

March 24, 2017 kangalow 32

A Serial Console is a useful tool for embedded development, remote access, and those times when the development kit has issues that you need to observe. Here’s a simple approach for adding a serial console. Looky here: Serial Console Background The story of serial data transfer over wires goes back Read more …


Install Samsung SSD on NVIDIA Jetson TX1

January 28, 2017 kangalow 36

Note: This article has been updated for L4T 28.1. See: Develop on SSD – NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2 This is the third in a series of short articles about running the Jetson TX1 from external storage. This article discusses installing a Samsung SATA SSD on a Jetson TX1, Read more …

Jetson TX1 USB Drive

Run Jetson TX1 from USB Drive

January 27, 2017 kangalow 8

This is a the second in a series of short articles about running the Jetson TX1 from external storage. This article discusses copying the contents of the internal flash memory of a NVIDIA Jetson TX1 over to a USB Drive, and then running the Jetson from the USB Drive itself. Read more …


Single Chip LIDAR – VL53L0X – NVIDIA Jetson Dev Kits

November 20, 2016 kangalow 6

ST Microelectronics recently introduced an inexpensive single chip time of flight sensor. The VL53L0X can be interfaced to a Jetson Development Kit (either TX1 or TK1) over I2C. Looky here: Background The last couple of years have seen a major push towards solid state LIDAR. As autonomous vehicles, robotics and Read more …

Controlling two servos with an IMU on the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit.

IMU and PWM Driver over I2C for NVIDIA Jetson TX1

January 11, 2016 kangalow 22

Another couple of devices that will be needed for upcoming projects on the Jetson TX1 Development Kit are an IMU and a PWM driver for servo control. These devices can be interfaced over I2C. Looky here: Background We have covered using the Bosch IMU BNO055 under ROS and the PWM/Servo Read more …