Jetson Nano RealSense ROS

RealSense ROS Wrapper – Jetson Nano

October 25, 2019 kangalow 5

Many people use Intel RealSense cameras with robots. Here we install the realsense-ros wrapper on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano developer kit. Looky here: Background There are several members in the Intel RealSense camera family. This includes the Depth Cameras (D415, D435, D435i) and Tracking Camera (T265). There are also more Read more …


JetsonHacksNano Github Updates – October 2019

October 24, 2019 kangalow 0

With the release of JetPack 4.2.2, L4T 32.2.1 is now available for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Several of the JetsonHacksNano Github repositories on the JetsonHacksNano account have been updated to support this release. Note that each of these repositories have associated releases to match the repository with the Read more …

ROS Melodic

Install ROS on Jetson Nano

October 23, 2019 kangalow 10

For robotics application, many consider Robot Operating System (ROS) as the default go to solution. The version of ROS that runs on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit is ROS Melodic. Installing ROS on the Jetson Nano is simple. Looky here: Background ROS was originally developed at Stanford University as Read more …

Jetson Nano - UART J41

Jetson Nano – UART

October 10, 2019 kangalow 19

There is a UART on the J41 GPIO Header of the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit. Useful when you need a little bit of extra serial connectivity action. Looky here: Background There are two UARTs on the Jetson Nano. We have an article about the Serial Debug Console which is Read more …

Arduino IDE on Jetson

Install Arduino IDE on Jetson Dev Kit

October 4, 2019 kangalow 2

You don’t need another computer to program your Arduino. You can do it from your Jetson! Looky here: Background Having a true microcontroller in addition to a Jetson Dev Kit can be very powerful combination. Microcontrollers are great at many low level, real time tasks that can be difficult for Read more …

Visual Studio Code Install

Jetson Nano – Visual Studio Code + Python

October 1, 2019 kangalow 19

This article is deprecated. Please see: Visual Studio Code for the newer article. Visual Studio Code is a very popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which you can run on the NVIDIA Jetson Nano. Looky here: Background One of the first questions most people ask when they start using a new Read more …

3 Ubuntu Tips

3 Ubuntu Tips for NVIDIA Jetson

September 28, 2019 kangalow 1

The Jetson Developer Kits are currently running a custom version of Ubuntu 18.04. If you are making the switch from another computer OS to the Jetson, here’s three tips. Looky here: Background The current versions of the Jetson Developer Kits (Jetson Nano, Jetson TX2 and Jetson AGX Xavier) are running Read more …


Jetson Nano – Run From USB Drive

September 17, 2019 kangalow 95

THIS POST IS DEPRECATED. Please see: Here’s a fast way to set up your Jetson Nano to run from a USB drive. Looky here: Background For external storage, the Jetson Nano uses a Micro SD Card. The SD card holds the operating system, applications and any data in use. Read more …

Jetson Nano Fan

Jetson Nano – Add a Fan!

September 8, 2019 kangalow 7

If you run you Jetson Nano under heavy workloads, you may find it useful to add a fan. Looky here: Background Under most conditions, the large heatsink on the Jetson Nano keeps the system running within the design thermal limits. However there may be times when running very GPU intensive Read more …


Jetson Nano – Headless Setup

August 21, 2019 kangalow 27

Many people would like to set up their Jetson Nano without the need of attaching the Jetson to a monitor and keyboard (headless setup). With the advent of JetPack 4.2.1, this is now possible! Looky here: Background In earlier versions of JetPack, there was a requirement that the Jetson be Read more …