Intel RealSense Camera librealsense – NVIDIA Jetson TX Dev Kits

Jetson TX librealsense

Intel RealSense cameras can use an open source library called librealsense as a driver for the Jetson TX1 and TX2 development kits. Looky here:


With the release of L4T 28.1, both the Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2 run on a Linux 4.4 version kernel. The 4.4 kernel has built-in support of the RealSense camera formats in the UVC video module. Earlier versions of L4T running an earlier kernel version required that the kernel be rebuilt before using a RealSense camera. Here’s an earlier article for reference.

That’s great news, as it simplifies installation of the RealSense driver library, librealsense. Without having to rebuild the kernel, life be good.

Install librealsense

A convenience script has been created to help with this task in the installLibrealsense repository on the JetsonHacks Github account.

For the Jetson TX2:

$ cd $HOME
$ git clone
$ cd installLibrealsenseTX2
$ ./

For the Jetson TX1:

$ cd $HOME
$ git clone
$ cd installLibrealsenseTX1
$ ./

This will build the librealsense library and install it on the system. This will also setup udev rules for the RealSense device so that the permissions will be set correctly and the camera can be accessed from user space. There is a patch applied during the installation which fixes an issue with the UVC video module not being recognized. This issue has been addressed upstream in the librealsense repository, but is not in a release just yet.

Note: At this point, both of the Jetson scripts are identical because the same kernel is being used. Prior to the release of L4T 28.1, the Jetson TX2 and Jetson TX1 ran different kernel versions.


Here are some notes: