Jetson TK1 Interface Boards Update


Mauro Soligo recently announced that EasyTK1_IO is now available on in kit form. Several roboticists in the Jetson community are using the EasyTK1_IO for interfacing their Jetsons with their robots, including Walter Lucetti over at Myzharbot and Rafaello Bonghi (who has a blog over at Officine Robotiche) who is working on his RUDE robot.


More information about the EasyTK1_IO is available on


You might remember from our last article Jetduino Jetson TK1 Interface Board Update that Dr. David Cofer over at NeuroRoboticTech posted results on the first Jetduino prototype.

Jetduino V2
Jetduino Mount on Jetson TK1

Since then, there have been two updates posted on the NeuroRobotic Technologies blog. The first, Jetduino V0.2 test results, goes over some of the issues encountered in the second prototype, along with some tips and tricks for hand assembling the boards. Well worth the read.

The second article, Jetduino pricing and board options, is another interesting read which discusses a couple of strategies for bringing the Jetduino boards to market. I found the pricing and feature trade offs discussion fascinating, as it gives a feeling as to what it takes to bring a low production hardware run to market. Well worth the read, both from a geek view and from a small business point of view. Take a few minutes and read the articles, it will be worth your time.

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