DJI Matrice 100 Part 2 – DJI Manifold and Guidance

The DJI Matrice 100 is a quadcopter for developers. The drone allows developers to customize the flight platform using the DJI SDK. In a previous article, we unboxed the Matrice itself. Today we unbox the Manifold computer and work on assembling the Guidance subsystem. Looky here:


The DJI Manifold is an embedded computer specifically designed for the DJI Onboard SDK. This enables developers to transform aerial platforms into flying robots that can perform complex computing tasks and advanced image processing (oh dear) literally on the fly.

The Manifold uses a NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor which uses four A15 cores and 192 CUDA capable cores. The Manifold is built to be mounted to an expansion bay of the Matrice 100, and measures 11 cm x 11 cm a 2.6 cm and weighs less than 200 grams.

Manifold Connectivity

The Manifold is equipped with a large variety of connectors, including USB, Ethernet, Mini-PCIe, HDMI, UART, SPI and I2C ports. These connectors allow the developer to attach a wide array of sensors and peripheral devices to the Manifold, as well as connect to the Matrice Flight Controller.


The Manifold runs L4T, an Ubuntu derived operating system and supports CUDA, OpenCV and ROS. The Manifold can natively run the DJI Onboard SDK, access flight data and perform intelligent control and data analysis.

Guidance Install Update

As shown in the video, the Guidance sensor subsystem has been assembled for installation on to the Matrice 100. the process is straightforward, here is the DJI created video that provided assembly information:

DJI Manifold