Level Shifting, UART and GPS Part 1 – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

September 3, 2015 kangalow 11

Building a breadboard to interface a GPS system to a UART on the Jetson TK1 only requires a couple of parts, a GPS breakout board and a Level Shifter breakout board. Looky here: Background The Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) was invented by Gordon Bell in 1971 to translate data between Read more …

Operating System

Clone Image – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

August 26, 2015 kangalow 17

In many cases there is a large amount of work that goes into creating a working Jetson development system. This can include such things as loading drivers, compiling source files and libraries, system configuration, and so on. During development, sometimes things can go south and leave the system in a Read more …


Real Time Clock (RTC) – NVIDIA Jetson TK1

August 13, 2015 kangalow 8

For some applications using the Jetson TK1, a Real Time Clock (RTC)may be needed. Here’s a demonstration of the steps needed to add one. Looky here: In this article, we’ll discuss wiring an RTC over I2C to the Jetson, build and install a kernel module for the RTC, and prepare Read more …