Linux for Tegra (L4T) 21.4 Released for NVIDIA Jetson TK1

The new 21.4 version of Linux for Tegra (L4T) has been released for the NVIDIA Jetson TK1 Development Kit. Go to the Linux For Tegra R21.4 release page to get the new goodness.

Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • [1566270] Enabled Tegra system profiler
  • [1644596] Fixed gst-omx compile time errors, added README and source files
  • [1551864] Updated Jetson TK1 pinmux configuration
  • [1542346] Rework of modeswitch/vt-switch handling in X/OpenGL
  • [1487603] xhci firmware cfgtbl and logging enhancements
  • [888312] Enabled and tuned CPU frequency boost on input event
  • [1568275] Adds support for ABI 17, 18 and 19
  • [1649593] Image rotation support documentation
  • [1625262] Improved device tuning on Jetson TK1
  • Also in the release are fixes for over 65 issues that have been reported in L4T. This release promises to be the best one yet, go check it out!

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