Deep Learning
Deep Learning

Distributed Simulation of Spiking Neural Networks

May 14, 2015 kangalow 0

Here’s an interesting paper: Power, Energy and Speed of Embedded and Server Multi-Cores applied to Distributed Simulation of Spiking Neural Networks: ARM in NVIDIA Tegra vs Intel Xeon quad-cores by authors Pier Stanislao Paolucci1*, Roberto Ammendola2, Andrea Biagioni1, Ottorino Frezza1, Francesca Lo Cicero1, Alessandro Lonardo1, Michele Martinelli1, Elena Pastorelli1, Francesco Read more …

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Jailhouse 0.5 released with NVIDIA Jetson TK1 support

May 11, 2015 kangalow 0

The Linux announcement list has declared that Jailhouse 0.5 has been released. Jailhouse is a Linux-based partitioning hypervisor, with one of the highlights of the new release being support for the Jetson TK1. The project home is on Github. From Jailhouse: A Linux-based Partitioning Hypervisor on Jailhouse is a Read more …


LIDAR-Lite Installation v1 on NVIDIA Jetson TK1

May 11, 2015 kangalow 17

Note: This is for the original LIDAR-Lite. For LIDAR-Lite v2, click here: LIDAR-Lite v2. LIDAR-Lite is a laser ranging module from Pulsed Light, Inc. which is a lightweight and cost effective measurement device. LIDAR-Lite can be accessed over I2C or PWM, for the Jetson TK1 I’ve written a small library Read more …