Jailhouse 0.5 released with NVIDIA Jetson TK1 support

The Linux announcement list has declared that Jailhouse 0.5 has been released. Jailhouse is a Linux-based partitioning hypervisor, with one of the highlights of the new release being support for the Jetson TK1. The project home is on Github.

From Jailhouse: A Linux-based Partitioning Hypervisor on lwn.net:

Jailhouse is a partitioning hypervisor that can create asymmetric
multiprocessing (AMP) setups on Linux-based systems. That means it runs
bare-metal applications or non-Linux OSes aside a standard Linux kernel
on one multicore hardware platform. Jailhouse ensures isolation between
these “cells”, as we call them, via hardware-assisted virtualization.
The typical workloads we expect to see in non-Linux cells are
applications with highly demanding real-time, safety or security
requirements. In contrast to comparable hypervisors, Jailhouse is loaded
and configured via Linux, not the other way around. Give it a try to see
and “feel” the difference.

The aim of Jailhouse is to keep the amount of code responsible for
establishing and maintaining cell isolation as small as possible. And
with small we mean a few thousand lines of code at the privilege level
of the hypervisor. This is obviously much less than you can achieve with
full-featured hypervisors like KVM.

Here are some slides from a talk given by Jan Kiszka, Siemens Corporate Technology Real Safe Timesin the Jailhouse Hypervisor

Still a bit young, but certainly an interesting idea.

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