GTC 2015

I have returned from GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2015, which was the best conference that I have attended in the last 10 years. Over the course of the next several days, I’ll write up some of the interesting sights I saw (mostly about Jetson TK1 and Tegra K1/X1 based such as Google Project Tango and NVIDIA Drive PX), as well as some of the sessions that I attended.

I was showing a little demo in the NVIDIA booth, which allowed me to meet all sorts of interesting people.I want to thank NVIDIA for making that possible. Also, I want to thank everyone who stopped by and talked with me. It was great meeting people with similar interests.

It is absolutely amazing the breadth and depth of work which people are using GPUs. Putting aside my obvious interest in embedded uses and the Jetson TK1, it’s interesting watching the Deep Learning Networks and how people are beginning to use them in different fields. Deep Learning is ‘relatively’ new, the GPU allows networks to be trained order of magnitudes faster than CPU based implementations, which in turn allows for more practical deployment of applications. Over the next few years it will be interesting to see how far they can make this horse run.

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  1. Hey,

    I was there as well, it was an awesome experience. I got to bring a Jetson TK1 board home with me 🙂 I look forward to using it for some projects I have in mind.

    I was at the NVIDIA part of the EXHIBIT but too bad we didn’t meet, maybe next year? 🙂

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