NVIDIA Jetson TK1 – Simulating and Visualizing Real-Time Crowds on GPU Clusters

Computación y Sistemas has published an interesting paper: Simulating and Visualizing Real-Time Crowds on GPU Clusters. Here’s the source of the paper: Computación y Sistemas.

Several different NVIDIA GPUs were tested, including the Jetson TK1 and Titan. While the Jetson was not quite able to run the single test in the 30ms threshold response time considered to be an interactive system, the Jetson was still 2 to 3 times faster than a linear algorithm run on one of the cores of an Intel Xeon E5649 2.53 system. The performance of the Jetson is mostly limited by the amount of memory that the Jetson has (2GB), slower clock rate and smaller bus width (64 vs 128 bit) than the other boards tested.

An interesting area of research and a fun read.

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