Jetson TK1 Linux for Tegra (L4T) 21.1 Install

With the release of the new version (21.1) of Linux for Tegra yesterday, we find ourselves installing the new version and booting up the Jetson after installation. There’s some great news! Installation only takes a few minutes, compared to the nearly hour (or more) that users were experiencing in earlier releases. On my previous setup, it took almost 3 hours! I bought a new PC, and with the new install procedure my first installation took less than ten minutes all together. That includes downloading the new files and flashing the Jetson. Life be good!

Here’s a quick video:

I also wrote up some notes “Install LT4 21.1 on Jetson TK1” in a Github Gist. As usual, you should follow the NVIDIA instructions; I’ve just written up notes in a little shorthand that I can fall back on later.

There have been a bunch of changes from the last release, one I noticed is that uboot is now the default boot loader. This should make it easier to add modules to the kernel. As time goes on, it will be interesting to see what interesting new features are in the new release. The kernel currently being used is version 3.10.40.

But first, we have to put the new release on the Jetson!