NVIDIA Jetson TK1 with Arduino Uno

Connecting an Arduino to a Jetson TK1 Development Kit.

Connecting a Jetson TK1 to an Arduino UNO is a fun way to get started exploring electronics. Looky here:


Plugging an Arduino into the Jetson TK1 through a USB port is a simple way to control simple electronic components and experiment. The software for the Arduino development environment is available through the Ubuntu Software Center. The Arduino IDE can be found by typing ‘Arduino’ in the search box. The Arduino kit shown in the video is available from Amazon, The Arduino Starter Kit (Official Kit from Arduino with 170-page Arduino Projects Book)

Alternate Arduino Install

The installation can also be done from the command line:

$ sudo apt-get install arduino arduino-core

Note: You can run:

$ lsusb

from a Terminal command line to check that the Arduino is attached to the USB port. In the demo, both the Jetson and the Arduino are connected to the same powered USB hub.

As shown in the video, the only other setup needed is to select the board and port in the ‘Tools’ menu. After that, all that’s left to do is have fun with the Arduino!

Note on Arduino and USB

Some people have reported issues with the Jetson TK1 not recognizing the Arduino when it is plugged into the USB port. This may be because of a missing ‘FTDI’ driver. There are a couple of ways to install the driver. You can compile a kernel module for the FTDI driver and install it, here’s an article on how to do that: Create USB FTDI Module. Another way is to install the ‘Grinch’ kernel. The version of the Grinch kernel depends on which version of L4T you are running. For a version that works on the later L4T 21.x versions, you can look at this article: Install Grinch Kernel.