Jetson TK1 running openFrameworks and OpenKinect

Progress on porting openFrameworks to the Jetson TK1.

I’ve been working on porting openFrameworks to the Jetson platform. This video is a bookmark as to the progress. Looky here:

Using the ofxKinect add-on, the demo shows the ‘Kinect Delaunay Triangulation Experiment’ from:

Though the video is a direct screen capture, the audio was shifted to better synch with the motion as there was about 250-400ms of lag. The processed video is from a Kinect 360 which captures the scene in 3D. The actual computational geometry processing takes place on just one ARM core, this is just the start, a bare bones port.

The port is based on information gathered here:

and is being gathered up in the jetsonhacks Github repository: