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Building OpenNI2 for the Structure Sensor

August 28, 2014 kangalow 55

Porting to a new platform is rarely easy. The steps are pretty straightforward, but all the niggles add up to make it easy to fiddle away the better part of a couple days for even easy projects. For a new development board, this is especially true. In my case, I Read more …


Occipital Structure Sensor

August 28, 2014 kangalow 6

The video shows the unboxing and installation of the Structure Sensor to the Jetson TK1 development kit. You can find out more about the Structure Sensor here: Structure. So why is this device interesting? You attach it to an iPad or iPhone after all. The key is that the device Read more …


Jetson TK1 Kinect Point Cloud in openFrameworks

August 28, 2014 kangalow 2

This is the second progress video about the port of openFrameworks to the Jetson. The demonstration sketch shows that most of the OpenGL issues have been sorted out. Also, this is the first demo that includes a GLSL shader which is rendering the background. So some good progress is being Read more …

SSD Install

Jetson TK1 SSD Installation

August 28, 2014 kangalow 10

Being a new development board, I’ve been a little leery to add peripherals that require driver support. In part, this was due to my first experiences trying to get wireless devices running with the board upon first arrival. It took a few months before people figured the Linux kernel magic Read more …


Jetson TK1 running openFrameworks and OpenKinect

August 28, 2014 kangalow 5

I’ve been working on porting openFrameworks to the Jetson platform. This video is a bookmark as to the progress. Looky here: Using the ofxKinect add-on, the demo shows the ‘Kinect Delaunay Triangulation Experiment’ from: Though the video is a direct screen capture, the audio was shifted to better synch Read more …

Arduino to Jetson TK1

NVIDIA Jetson TK1 with Arduino Uno

August 28, 2014 kangalow 6

Connecting a Jetson TK1 to an Arduino UNO is a fun way to get started exploring electronics. Looky here: Installation Plugging an Arduino into the Jetson TK1 through a USB port is a simple way to control simple electronic components and experiment. The software for the Arduino development environment is Read more …