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Face Detection using OpenCV on the NVIDIA Jetson TK1

October 7, 2014 10

Back in 2001 Viola and Jones published a paper on a real time face detection framework capable of rapid image processing and high detection rates, one of the seminal works in computer vision. There were three main contributions. First is an image representation called the “Integral Image” which allows features Read more …

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Jetson TK1 – OpenCV Canny Edge Detector Demo

October 1, 2014 2

Back in 1986, John F. Canny developed the Canny Edge detector. I talked about the creation of BitBlt 10 years previous to that, and the Canny Edge was another one of the image processing milestones which is still used today. Here’s the demo of the Canny Edge Detector in OpenCV: Read more …

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Jetson TK1 – Demo of OpenCV and GStreamer BitBlt effects

September 28, 2014 0

When Dan Ingalls and a group of researchers created the BitBlt routine for the Xerox Alto computer in 1975 at Xerox PARC, that set the stage for the invention of several important computer technologies. A couple of them are obvious, the modern bitmap display for which BitBlt was intended and Read more …


Jetson TK1 Kinect Point Cloud in openFrameworks

August 28, 2014 2

This is the second progress video about the port of openFrameworks to the Jetson. The demonstration sketch shows that most of the OpenGL issues have been sorted out. Also, this is the first demo that includes a GLSL shader which is rendering the background. So some good progress is being Read more …

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