RacecarJ Lower Platform FI

RACECAR/J Platform Preparation

January 24, 2018 kangalow 0

RACECAR/J Platform Preparation is the second step of building RACECAR/J. In an earlier article we prepared the chassis, here we will be working on preparing the platform decks and adding some electronics. Looky here: Background One way to think about RACECAR/J is that it consists of two parts. The first Read more …


State of JetsonHacks 2017

December 31, 2017 kangalow 3

Thank you for reading and participating in the JetsonHacks community. Wishing everyone an absolutely great 2018! At this time of year, it is fun to recap some statistics about the website. A lot of people are curious how many other people are using JetsonHacks. JetsonHacks Website When JetsonHacks was first Read more …


RACECAR/J Chassis Preparation

November 30, 2017 kangalow 15

This is the first step of building a RACECAR/J. Here we prepare the chassis by removing parts we do not use, and upgrading the springs and bumper. Looky here: Background RACECAR/J is derived from the open source MIT RACECAR, an “open-source powerful platform for robotics research and education”. The first Read more …

Racecar/J GTC

NVIDIA Jetson Developer Challenge – Win Fame and Fortune!

October 23, 2017 kangalow 0

Okay, it’s on. As of this writing, you have 118 days to amaze your friends, and confuse your enemies. The prize pool? Currently $42,800 USD. Big ideas, big money. Here’s the challenge and money quote: Calling all great developers, engineers, scientists, startups, and students! NVIDIA is challenging you to show Read more …

Ariel Anders Visual Servoing

Mobile Robot Navigation – Visual Servoing – Ariel Anders

September 26, 2017 kangalow 0

At a recent MIT/Lincoln Labs 2017 Beaver Works Summer Institute Seminar, Ariel Anders gave a lecture on visual servoing control systems with regards to mobile robot navigation. Looky here: Background There are many parts to mobile robot navigation. As this information is used directly in programming the MIT RACECAR, a Read more …

Install TensorFlow
Deep Learning

Install TensorFlow for Python – NVIDIA Jetson TX Dev Kits

September 22, 2017 kangalow 11

The last few articles we’ve been building TensorFlow packages which support Python. The packages are now in a Github repository, so we can install TensorFlow without having to build it from source. Install files are available both for the Jetson TX1 and Jetson TX2. Looky here: Background In the earlier Read more …

Sertac Karaman

Low-Level Robot Vision – Sertac Karaman

September 21, 2017 kangalow 0

At a recent MIT/Lincoln Labs 2017 Beaver Works Summer Institute Seminar, Sertac Karaman gave a lecture on low-level robot vision. Looky here: Background With the advent of the digital camera, vision sensors have become ubiquitous. Combining vision sensors with GPU computing elements enables a breakthrough in camera based perception for Read more …

TensorFlow 1.3 Jetson TX1
Jetson TX1

Build TensorFlow on NVIDIA Jetson TX1 Development Kit

September 18, 2017 kangalow 2

In this article, we will build TensorFlow v1.3.0 on the Jetson TX1 running L4T 28.1 from source, and then install it. Looky here: Background TensorFlow is one of the major deep learning systems. Created at Google, it is an open-source software library for machine intelligence. The Jetson TX1 ships with Read more …